Community Efforts


Community efforts to develop new research thrusts, …

  • I actively led, contributed, and participated to several community wide efforts to develop new research priorities, white papers, and workshops.
  • In particular, I lead a multi-national laboratory and university efforts to develop a goals, objectives, and requirements (GOR) report for the National Nuclear Security Administration/Nonproliferation Research and Development (NNSA/NA-22). The work included studying the state of the art, identifying the gaps, and developing future requirements of Geospatial Image Mining for nuclear nonproliferation monitoring at global scale. I organized several special sessions at the leading IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) with contributions from leading experts from academia and the Government.
    • Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Budhendra L. Bhaduri, Anil M. Cheriyadat, Lloyd F. Arrowood, Eddie A. Bright, Shaun S. Gleason, Carl Diegert, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Thrasos N. Pappas, Reid Porter, Jim Bollinger, Barry Chen, Ryan Hohimer: Geospatial image mining for nuclear proliferation detection: Challenges and new opportunities. IGARSS 2010: 48-51
    • Randy S. Roberts, Paul A. Pope, Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Ming Jiang, Lloyd F. Arrowood, Timothy G. Trucano, Shaun S. Gleason, Anil M. Cheriyadat, Alex Sorokine, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, Lucinda R. Gaines, Lawrence K. Chilton: Design of benchmark imagery for validating facility annotation algorithms. IGARSS 2011: 1453-1456
    • Shaun S. Gleason, Mesfin Dema, Hamed Sari-Sarraf, Anil M. Cheriyadat, Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Regina Ferrell: Verification & validation of a semantic image tagging framework via generation of geospatial imagery ground truth. IGARSS 2011: 1577-1580
  • Developed a community driven research priority on Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery to the UCGIS.
    • Shekhar S, Vatsavai R, Gahegan M, Miller H, Buttenfield B, and Yuan M (2002) Geographic data mining and knowledge discovery, UCGIS research priorities
  • I worked along with the community of thought leaders from a broad range of fields related to citizen science, agriculture, and food science to highlight key opportunities for bridging the overlapping yet disconnected communities/fields and identify ways to leverage their respective strengths, the summary findings are reported at:
    • Ryan S. F., Adamson N. L., Aktipis A., Andersen L. K., Austin R., Barnes L., Beasley M. R., Bedell K. D., Briggs S., Chapman B., Cooper C. B., Corn J. O., Creamer N. G., Delborne J. A., Domenico P., Driscoll E., Goodwin J., Hjarding A., Hulbert J. M., Isard S., Just M. G., Kar Gupta K., López-Uribe M. M., O'Sullivan J., Landis E. A., Madden A. A., McKenney E. A., Nichols L. M., Reading B. J., Russell S., Sengupta N., Shapiro L. R., Shell L. K., Sheard J. K., Shoemaker D. D., Sorger D. M., Starling C., Thakur S., Vatsavai R. R., Weinstein M., Winfrey P. and Dunn R. R. 2018The role of citizen science in addressing grand challenges in food and agriculture researchProc. R. Soc. B.28520181977
  • Working with scientific leaders from multiple disciplines including bio, geo, and climate; and developed a research roadmap that is published as an invited paper at the IEEE International Congress on Big Data, BigData Congress.
    • Sushil K. Prasad, Danial Aghajarian, Michael McDermott, Dhara Shah, Mohamed F. Mokbel, Satish Puri, Sergio J. Rey, Shashi Shekhar, Yiqun Xe, Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Fusheng Wang, Yanhui Liang, Hoang Vo, Shaowen Wang: Parallel Processing over Spatial-Temporal Datasets from Geo, Bio, Climate and Social Science Communities: A Research Roadmap. IEEE International Congress on Big Data, BigData Congress 2017: 232-250